Sleep TreatmentsLike most other conditions, there cannot be blanket sleep treatments for all sleep disorders. Since most sleep disorders usually have an underlying cause, the best sleep treatments would be prescribed after the underlying cause is known. Sleep treatments shall be discussed with an aim of helping those with insomnia – the most common sleep disorder symptom.

Sleep Treatments: Determining Causes of Poor Sleep

Insomnia does not come from the blues; it is always caused by an underlying problem. Remember that it is not always possible for you to pick out the cause by yourself. It is therefore important to consider professional advice. The commonest underlying problems need to be explored before sleep treatments are prescribed include:

  • Stress and Depression.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Exercise.
  • Diet.
  • Other diseases.

Here are some sleep treatments that can be explored at home:


Sleep is affected by what you eat and in deed changing your diet is one of the best sleep treatments. If changing what you eat does not cure your insomnia, it will definitely go along way in easing insomnia. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks need to be avoided. Caffeine stimulates the brain which needs to be relaxed during sleep.

For a good night sleep, try eating proteins for supper. Proteins provide the amino acid tryptophan that is known to induce sleep. To make the tryptophan to be more available to the brain so as to induce sleep, be sure to eat food that are rich in carbohydrates for supper. The amino acid tryptophan is also used to make the hormone melatonin which is basically the sleep hormone.


As sleep treatments, exercises are a double-edged sword. On one edge, exercises can cause insomnia while on the other; they can cause good night sleep.  The difference between the two depends on when exercises are performed. If you want to sleep well, be sure to exercise about 4 hours before your designated sleep time. Exercising too close to sleep time put your body in an active mode that is not good for sleep.

Sleep Time

In sleep treatments, the time you sleep can determine whether or not you will have a good night sleep. You see, sleep time is a conditioned behavior. To avoid insomnia, you need to train your body to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. Sudden changes in sleep time confuse the body leading to insomnia.  To ensure that you sleep at the same time everyday, explore the following sleep habits:

  • Brush your teeth before sleeping.
  • Read an inspirational verse or chapter of a book.
  • Wake up at the same time everyday even if you feel sleep.
  • Switch off the light in your bedroom at the same time everyday.
Weight Loss

In sleep apnea, one of the effective sleep treatments is losing weight. This way you get to reduce weight around the neck that is related to snoring. Sleep apnea can also be treated using COPD.

Sleep Treatments: Medicines

There are cases where you have to take sleeping pills to help you sleep as you try to develop good sleep habits. In sleep treatments, medicines are also used to treat underlying sleep disorders that are causing sleeplessness. In Restless Legs Syndrome for instance, sleep treatments include getting drugs that reduce itchiness. In narcolepsy, drugs are prescribed so as to develop a regular sleep-wake cycle.

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