Sleep Products

Sleep Products Due to understanding the importance of sleep, people have developed sleep products to improve the quality of sleep. The best known sleep products are probably beds, mattresses, sheets and blankets.

Sleep Products and Tools

There are some other less commonly used sleep products that can help in your sleep. Most of them work by improving the sleep environment. Sleep products are however not substitutes for a “clean” sleep environment.

Noise Reducer

Most people are woken up by even slight noise from out as they sleep. Nose reducers are important sleep products as they help to reduce the amount of noise coming from outside by filling your bedroom with white noise. While reduce can the impact of train, plane and other noises, it is no substitute to leaving the radio or TV on as you go to sleep.

Adjustable Beds

Unlike the ordinary beds, adjustable beds can be adjusted to various angles so as to reduce pressure on various parts of the body. These sleep products can be used to reduce pain in the back, hip, knee and neck. Adjustable beds can be used to increase the angle of the head during sleep so as to reduce the possibility of acid reflux. Gastrointestinal reflux is associated with increased nighttime awakening.

Sleep Mask

The human body has evolved to sleep best in darkness. The hormone melatonin is secreted optimally in the dark. Due to various factors, it is not always possible to sleep in a dark place. Wearing a sleep mask helps to not only close your eyes but also to optimize darkness. These sleep products are even more useful for people who sleep during the day or enjoy naps at work.

Ear Muffs

Ear muff are sleep product worn in the ears to block noise coming from outside. Sleep is much deeper and more relaxing when the sleep environment is quiet. Ear muffs are even more indispensable if your partner is a sleep talker or regular snorer. The can be used to enhance sleep during the day or for reducing noise as you nap at work.

Herbal Pillows

Normal pillow helps to support the neck to be in line with the spinal cord. In addition to this primary function, herbal pillows are scented with different fragrances for better sleep. These sleep products can be scented with lavender which induces a feeling of calmness for better sleep. It is possible to find herbal pillow for almost any kind of scent you want.

Light Therapy Sleep Products

At this point you know that light has a great impact in the quality of sleep. Light therapy sleep boxes is created to simulate sunlight in your bedroom. Rather that exposing your eyes (and by extension your brain) to excessive and unnatural light in the morning, it is better to expose yourself to minimal amount of sunlight. This way, you are more likely to wake up early feeling more refreshed.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Sleep Products

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is a sleep product that is used to treat sleep disorders. CPAP is made in form of a mask and prongs that are inserted into the nose. Warm air is pumped into the respiratory system. CPAP are used to treat apnea whose main symptom is snoring.

Sleep Products Advice

It cannot be over emphasized that sleep products are not a substitute for a good sleep environment.

Sleep Products Video Education

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