Bedroom Machines

Bedroom machinesSleep is not only affected by internal factors but also external ones. To help improve the environment for better sleep, there are many bedroom machines that have been developed.

Bedroom Machines to Improve Sleep

Here are some of the bedroom machines that you need to know about:


Dreamate is a kind of device that is worn on the wrist so as to massage what is referred to as “sleep golden triangle” found on the left wrist.  These bedroom machines are worn 30 minutes before bedtime and can help your to relax more and also reset your biological clock. Massaging the “sleep golden triangle” on the wrist is known to reduce stress levels.

Nasal Dilator and Strip

Improved breathing during sleep is related to better sleep. The best breathing organ even during sleep is the nose though some breathing occurs via the mouth. In some diseases such as sleep apnea, the flow of air through the nose is interfered with. Nasal dilators bedroom machines help to open up the airways so as to breathe more freely.

Snore Stopper

Depending on the cause of snoring, sleep stopper bedroom machines can help to reduce snoring. Sleep stopper offer a side-effect-free treatment for snoring. Snore stopper is worn on the wrist much like a watch. It has detects the sound of snoring and then gently massages the nerves on your wrists so as to alert you to shift to a snore-free position.

Air Humidifier

The quality of air in your bedroom can affect the quantity and quality of sleep. During winter or when you have to heat your home, air in your bedroom is often drier than normal. Air in your bedroom is even drier in extremely cold and hot season.

Dry air can cause nasal dryness which in turn causes an irritation on the nose which can interfere with sleep. Room Air Humidifiers bedroom machines prevent nasal dryness by increasing the level of humidity in your space.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

Mandibular Advancement Device bedroom machine is a creation of dental and sleep technology. It is used by sleep apnea patients who for some reasons are not able to use CPAP. MAD forces your lower jaw to move forward so as to open the airway for breathing. MAD looks more or less like the mouth guard commonly used in sports.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

CPAP is probably the most popular bedroom machines as it is used as a remedy for a common condition – sleep apnea/ snoring. CPAP devices have 3 main components:

  • Mask.
  • Tubes.
  • Fan.

It works by exerting air pressure on the tongue so that it moves forward to open the throat. This way, air flow to your airways is not interrupted thereby reducing snoring. CPAP greatly reduces snoring and improves sleep.

Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPap)

BiPap bedroom machines are used as a remedy for sleep apnea. It is more or less similar to CPAP but is made to offer little if any resistance to exhalation. Air pressure exerted by CPAP does not reduce during exhalation.

Other Bedroom machines

  • Tongue Retaining Device.
  • Noise pacifiers.
  • Sleep Shades.
  • Sleep music software.

Before buying bedroom machines, you are advised to first create a conducive sleep environment without them.

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