Sleep Habits at Home

Sleep is not only important for good health but also for productivity at school or work. It is not possible for you to have all factors that determine good sleep under your control. However, there are a few sleep habits at home you can adopt to enhance better sleep. Ideally, you should wake up refreshed and energetic after sleep. Here are sleep habits at home you can adopt to enjoy better sleep but first their importance:

Sleep Habits at HomeImportance of Good Sleep Habits at Home

  • Sleep habits at home help to reinforce the sleep wake/cycle.
  • Ensures that you maintain healthy sleep hours.
  • Ensures that you do not go late to work or school.
  • Makes sure that you wake up refreshed in the morning.
  • Prevents many sleep problems such as insomnia.

Tips to Develop Better Sleep Habits at Home

Sleep/Wake Time

Consciously set a time to sleep or wake up everyday. Ideally your sleep time should be when you are usually tired. Tiredness relaxed the muscles which is important for better sleep. It is important that these patterns are maintained even at weekend when the temptation to sleep late and wake up late is high. Sleep/wake time should not be changed rapidly; it should be changed in episodes of 15 minutes to help your body to adjust.

Help your body to Naturally Regulate the Sleep/wake Cycle

One of the sleep habits at home that can easily developed is exposing your body to sunlight during the day. You see, the sleep/wake cycle is regulated by melatonin which is in turn under the influence of light and darkness. As darkness approaches production of melatonin increases but diminishes when you are exposed to light. Therefore, exposing yourself to light in the morning can help reduce cases of daytime sleepiness.

Good sleep habits at home related to light include switching off bedroom light at the same time everyday. This helps to increase production of melatonin. In addition, it “reminds” the brain that it is time to sleep.

Sleep Habits at Home: Tips increase Exposure Sunlight
  • Avoid wearing sunglasses especially in the morning.
  • Open all curtain in your space at home or at work.
  • Use a light therapy box to simulate daylight especially when there is not enough sunlight outside.
Diet as a Good Sleep Habits at Home

One of the best diet-related sleep habits at home is to take dinner at least three hours before bedtime. Heavy meals should be avoided completely within an hour to bedtime. This gives time for your body to digest the food. It also allows time for bowel evacuation and urination which may interrupt sleep. Here are some more diet-related sleeping habits at home:

  • Sweet foods before bedtime should be avoided as they make the brain more active.
  • Evaluated the effect of spices in your body as they can cause acidity which disrupts sleep.
  • Caffeinated drinks act as diuretic – increase the frequency of urination- and thus should be avoided.

More Sleep habits at Home

The following sleep habits at home serve to trigger the body to sleep:

  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Having sex or kissing your loved one before sleeping.
  • Calling your loved one to wish them good night.
  • Kissing and wishing your kid good night.
  • Reading an inspiration passage or quote.

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