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Product ReviewsFor some people, catching sleep is as easy as closing the eyes. For others, they have trouble not only catching sleep but also maintaining it. As you may know, not getting enough sleep can affect your productivity as well as your health.

Product Reviews: Sleep Products

Here are some sleep product reviews that can help get to sleep more easily:

Sleep Cycle App for iPhone

For some people, they tend to sleep for an average of 7 to 8 hours but still feel sleepy during the day. Research has shown that this unsatisfied appetite for sleep can be caused by the time you wake up as much as the number of hours you sleep. You see, sleep is not one continuous “mass”; it tends to fluctuate in different phases.

Some phases like REM where you get to dream are associated with deeper sleep. Others like N-REM are associated with light sleep. If you wake up in REM (deep sleep), you are more likely feel grouchy during the day. The transition from one stage of sleep to another is characterized by tossing and turning. The Sleep Cycle App for iPhone has an in-built accelerometer to determine which stage of sleep you are in so as to wake you up when you are in the shallowest phase.

Pzizz App

The amount and type of sound in your environment can determine your quality of sleep. Pzizz is an app that is specially made for iPhone and Android phones so as to play the music that is relaxing. This app is made to mix over a billion track combinations so that you never have to listen to two similar tracks in the same night and probably in your lifetime.


When choosing your lover, you hardly take time to thinks if they snore or not. However, snoring can interrupt your sleep and lead to symptoms of insomnia. Sometimes white noise generators are not enough to pacify the snoring sound from your partner.

SnoreMasker is essentially an earplug that has an inbuilt white noise generator. This way, you are virtually guaranteed that no matter how much your bed partner snores, you will have a good night sleep. At only $399.95 you will get SnoreMasker which comes with a special pillow that ensures that the device is not pushed to your ear canal.

Sound Asleep Pillow

Sometimes sleep is better when you are listening to your favorite music all night. This means that you will have to sleep with earphones or headphones on your ears/head; this can be quite uncomfortable. In addition, the earphones or headphones can easy get off as to toss and turn. Sound Asleep Pillows have in-built speakers and jack pins to connect to virtually any gadget that plays music or white noise.

Snore Stopper Pillow

As pointed out earlier, snoring by your bed partner can really affect your sleep. Snore Stopper Pillow is another sleeping product worth exploring. It detects vibrations from your snoring partner and absorbs it. You can also use it to record your partner snores.

The ChilliPad

Temperature can really affect how you sleep. With the ChillPad, you really do not need an air conditioner. The ChilliPad is placed under your bedsheets and can be used to set temperature from 46 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  You and your partner can select different temperatures.

Considering Sleep Product Reviews

The American Sleep Association says that there is no replacement for sleep hygiene. To get appropriate sleep the environment needs to be a quiet and comfortable dark bedroom without noise from the cell phones or television. There are some products on the market that can assist your quest for restful z’s, and if you need help sleeping they should be considered an option.

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