Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

Restless Legs Syndrome is a condition affecting the nerves that result in abnormal itchiness in the legs. This itchiness or creepiness is relieved by temporarily moving the legs. Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment is important because the disease severely affects the patient’s way of life especially sleep.  RLS treatment is based on managing the symptoms rather than attempting to cure the disease. RLS treatment can be done using drugs or behavioral changes.
Restless Leg Syndrome Treatments

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment: Changing/Adopting Habits

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment is possible by replacing habits that aggravate the condition. Stimulants like tobacco, caffeinated products, and cigarettes stimulate the legs thus aggravating RLS. In addition, they cause insomnia and thus should be avoided.

With RLS, you cannot afford to be fatigued at any time. Therefore, ensure that you get enough sleep everyday (8 hours). Train your mind to be sleeping and waking up at the same time everyday.

Exercise is good for Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment as it makes muscles tired leading to deeper sleep as the muscles try to recover. However, the exercises should be performed 5 hours from bedtime. Insomnia is associated with exercising too close to bedtime.

Hot and cold therapy is an effect for Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment. This therapy is performed by applying a warm and cold compresses on the legs a few hours before sleep. Hot and cold therapy calms and soothes leg muscles just like a massage. Taking a warm bath before sleep is helpful in Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment.

Before Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment is done, it is important to determine if the disease is caused or at least exaggerated by a deficiency of vitamins. The patient should be investigated for deficiency of iron as well as vitamin B12. Vitamins in general assist in streamlining muscle movements.

Some cases of Restless Legs Syndrome are caused by a deficiency of vitamins and the mineral iron. However, both vitamin and iron supplements should be taken in moderation since they can cause toxicity. Vegetable sources of iron and vitamins are the best for long-term RLS treatment.

Acupuncture is a needle-based Chinese traditional therapy. Acupuncture triggers the body to release hormones that produce deep relaxation. Deep tissue massage has a more or less similar effect to acupuncture.


Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment: Study your Symptoms

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment can be helped a lot if you understand the factors that trigger symptoms. For example, are there any foods that trigger the symptoms? Avoid them. You should also identify time of the day when symptoms are least severe and take a nap.

In Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment, there is no one drug that fits all. In addition, the above listed alternative/non-medicine Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment option cannot be ignored. Medications for RLS treatment only serve to treat the symptoms and not necessarily to cure the disease. Drugs used for treating RLS include:

  • Prescription painkillers.
  • Drugs to induce sleep.
  • Muscle relaxants.
  • Anti-seizure medicine.

The times for taking the medication needs to be adhere to because of the severe side effects. Most doctors would indicate that the drugs are taken when the side effects will not affect your day activities. Here are some Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment and coping tips:

  • Reduce alcohol intake.
  • Be sure to tell all doctors about RLS so that they avoid prescribing drugs than increase RLS symptoms.
  • Ensure the bedroom environment is ideal for sleeping.
  • Take your supper at least 3 hours before sleep.

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