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Sleep is affected by many factors including the sleep environment. It therefore comes as no surprise that hotel sleep can be severely affected due to the new environment. However, hotel sleep does not have to be difficult. Here are a few useful hotel sleep tips.

Hotel Sleep - Useful TipsHotel Sleep: Tips

Quality hotel sleep starts at the rood reservation stage. It is paramount that select a room that is located at a quiet place. Traditionally, the best hotel room for good sleep is found on the upper floor away from the elevators. In addition, you should also consider the following:

  • For good hotel sleeping is choose a room that is midway along the hallway.
  • Rooms located close to swimming pool usually attract gatherings that could be noisy.
  •  Rooms located at the back of the hotel way from the parking lot are usually quieter.

After choosing the best room, it is important to ensure that you carry a few things from home that are helpful for hotel sleep. Earplugs are important because you can never be sure that your room is quiet enough. Since even little light from outside can interrupt sleep, ensure that you carry your eyeshades.

Hotel Sleep: Make the Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Carrying a bit of your home to the hotel can greatly improve hotel sleep. If you have some space, carry sheets and pillowcase from home. Their scent and feel can help you avoid insomnia. Put a photo of your loved on the bedside table to add that home feel to the room. Before you sleep, spray the room with your own spray.

To further simulate the home environment, do some of the sleep habits that you doe while at home. These include:

  • Sleeping at the same time you sleep in your normal environment.
  • Call your loved one or child before you sleep.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Visit the bathroom.
  • For good hotel sleep, listen to some cool music from home.

Remember to hang the “do not disturb” sign outside your door. This sign is even more useful if you have plans to sleep in. The “do not disturb” sign helps keep off disturbances from people especially housekeepers.

Be sure to set alarm specifying the time you want to wake up. This time may not be that same as the usual time you wake up while at home. Use backups to set the alarm –wrist watch, cell phone or wake up call service.

Depending on the season, adjust the room temperature to suit you requirements. In general, most people will achieve quality hotel sleep in a cool environment. Some people even prefer keeping hotel windows open as they sleep.

Hotel Sleep - Useful TipsMore Tips for Quality Hotel Sleep

  • Avoid hotels that are undergoing renovation on one side as they are usually smelly, dusty and less clean.
  • For good sleep, ensure that the room has blackout shades.
  • Select a no smoking room as the scent of cigarette can make you feel unease for good sleep.
  • Request to choose your own pillow.
  • Avoid working, eating or heavy reading in your hotel bed. Just like home, this bed should be used for sleep and sex.

Most hotels usually offer an option to change your hotel room. You can always opt to change your room if your current room is not quiet or relaxing enough for good sleep.

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